Making It Modern

November 10, 2020

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Safety Tips For Summer Driving

August 28, 2019

Summer is nearly synonymous with road trips. Unfortunately that often means driving your car or SUV long distances through less-than-optimal conditions. Driving through extreme conditions is hard on your veh... More

Change Your Own Oil Or Leave It To The Experts?

With our technicians you dont ever need to change your oil or repair your car on your own. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can fix almost any problem and perform regular maintenance, so why change y... More

Synthetic or Regular -- How do you decide?

Whenever you visit your auto repair or oil change shop for an oil change, youll face a choice: regular oil, or synthetic?Both can be good decisions, based on your vehicle, the type of driving you do, and how often you want to change your oil. But ... More

Are You Getting Your Car Washed Often Enough?

Most people wash their cars when they get covered in mud, grime or saltor if they attract the attention of a passing flock of birds. When it comes to regular car washes, however, many of us miss the mark. Thats unfortunate, because having your car... More

How Do You Know When Your Air Filter Needs to Be Changed?

Chances are, every time you take your vehicle in for an oil changeor almost any other servicea technician will ask you if you want to change your vehicles air filter. Is this a necessary bit of maintenance, or a typical attempt to sell you somethi... More